As it was originally constructed and released on the common market in 1950, the Volkswagen is one of the vehicles in the van rental industry and is one of the few models that has stood the test of time while continually evolving each year.

Available as either a van, minivan, minibus, pick up or campervan, the VW Transporter can suit a number of different needs for owners of businesses, those that have a permanent need for this type of vehicle and those that require temporary van hire.

In its van or pick up format, the VW Transporter is great for van hire customers that require a vehicle to help them move house, or collect items from mediums such as eBay where they have purchased large goods that are too big to be sent through the post.

If they need to go to concerts, sporting events, or are taking a short trip together however, customers are available to arrange van hire and obtain the vehicle in its minibus or minivan format with room for wheelchairs and seats that are easy to fold up if more room in the back is required.

Whatever the purpose of van rental, the VW Transporter can lend a hand to handle a variety of different situations given its reliability and the flexibility of its numerous different models. Across Europe and the UK, you will notice that practically every van hire company and dealership possesses this vehicle.

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