Ever since it was constructed at the famous plant in Maubeuge, France, the Renault Kangoo has remained one of the most popular leisure activity vehicles among both owners and customers within the van rental industry that have continued to use and re-purchase the vehicle for more than a decade.

If arranging van hire with plans to go on a memorable day to the coast, the Renault Kangoo is able to store a number of passengers and even has space for a wheel chair if you are travelling with those that need to use them.

If you wish to arrange van rental and take items such as bicycles and other small vehicles with you on your travels however, the seats of the Renault Kangoo can be folded up to make extra space in the back for these necessary items.

As well as this though, van hire of Renault Kangoos are often arranged by those that need to transport items that have been purchased from Ebay and similar websites. When the seller cannot deliver and a courier is deemed overpriced, van rentals come to the forefront and help make considerable savings.

No matter what the purpose of van hire, the Renault Kangoo can be relied upon for either leisure purposes or more practical tasks.

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