The Luton Van is a popular design of a commercial van that is unique for possessing a large box that extends over the top of its cab. For those that need to arrange van hire and need a large space to work with, the Luton Van is incredibly popular and is offered by practically all van rental firms.

Originally constructed in the Bedfordshire town that it is named after, the Luton Body continues to be popular with business owners, and those that arrange van rentals on a regular basis, to transport goods from one place to the other.

When it comes to arranging van rentals of the Luton Body, customers have a variety of models to choose from but will find that the popular Ford Transit series offers them the most choices that are often designed with specialist specifications for extra wind resistance.

As it is the most popular choice of businesses operating in the household removals industry, van hire of the Luton Van is also popular with those that are moving house and have to transport a large number of items to their new homes.

Whatever you need to arrange van hire for, those that need extra space overhead will find that the unique Luton Van will perfectly suit their needs and can help them save both time and money.

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