A large and popular pan van that was manufactured between 1997 and 2006, the LDV Convoy is still used as by the police, businesses, homeowners and those that wish to obtain van rental and use a vehicle for a short amount of time or leisure purposes.

If you are moving house, you can arrange van rental of the LDV Convoy from a van hire company and use it to save both time and money as you transport your large household items safely from one home to the other without having to pay a removals firm.

If you have bought items from the internet or from the classified ads of a newspaper or magazine, van hire of a LDV Convoy could also come in handy for those items that require pick-ups and cannot be delivered by the seller or a courier.

Although much smaller vehicles are often sought by those that wish to arrange van rentals for small holidays and days out, those that have large items such as bicycles, quads and motorbikes would be better suited to arrange a large LDV Convoy while still being able to transport large groups of people.

Whether people are transporting items, collecting them, or temporarily taking them away from their home for the day, the LDC Convoy remains popular throughout the van hire industry.

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