The Ford Transit wheel base lwb is a special edition of the popular Transit series that allows owners, and those that arrange van hire, the confidence that they are in possession of a vehicle that can handle heavy-duty tasks when called upon.

At present, the Ford Transit wheel base lwb is one of the most popular vehicles in the van rentals industry and also on the consumer market. Not only used by big business that need to transport large amounts and weights, it is also used by homeowners and those that need van hire for leisure purposes.

If you are moving house, van hire of the Ford Transit wheel base lwb can help you personally transport large items such as beds, cookers and wardrobes and guarantee that they safely get to their intended destination.

In a similar fashion, van rental of this vehicle is also popular for those that have just purchased large items from websites from Ebay and would prefer to collect them personally as opposed to pay a courier.

If you are on your way on holiday instead however, and need to arrange van rental, the Ford Transit wheel base lwb can be used to take bicycles and motorbikes away with you or items such as surfboards and jet skis that are more appropriate for the beach.

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