One of the latest editions of the long lasting Transit series that has been since the mid-1960s, the Ford Connect continues to be one of the most popular vehicles for those with businesses and others that wish to arrange Ford Connect van rentals for a specific period of time.

Originally introduced to the market in 2002 to replace the Escort and Fiesta inspired editions of the Transit, the Ford Connect has continued to grow in popularity and was recently revamped in 2009. Given the amount of purposes it can serve, it is also the common choice of many people that arrange van hire and is offered by all the well-known van rental companies.

Whether you opt for the three-door or four-door minivan when arranging Ford Connect van hire of the Ford Connect, you will be guaranteed that you have more than enough room for doing jobs such as moving house, or picking up large items that have been purchased through classified ads and auction sites such as Ebay.

While the Ford Connect has practical purposes however, it is often used by those that need to arrange van hire for trips across the UK and around Europe. With the amount of space it has in the back, there is adequate space for those that wish to take bicycles and other items with them.

With Ford Connect van hire, you are guaranteed to have one of the world’s most popular compact MPVs that is able to cover a wide range of activities.

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