Ever since it was constructed and released on the general market back in 1996, the Citroen Berlingo has been one of the most reliable and affordable large vehicles on the road that is perfect for the family or those that take regular trips with large groups and arrange van rental.

As it can be used as both a panel van and a vehicle for leisure activities, the Citroen Berlingo has a number of uses and is often sought by those that wish to arrange van hire as well as those that would like to purchase the vehicle and use it for everyday life.

When moving house, van hire of the Citroen Berlingo is perfect for removals and making sure your valuables get to your new home safely. If you opt for a vehicle from the Multispace series, you will see that, even with a number of passenger seats, the boot is large and spacious meaning items such as drawers and shelves can fit in easily.

If you shop online and purchase goods from Ebay, van hire of a Citroen Berlingo for the day would ensure that you would be able to go and collect your new item and head straight back home without having to pay for deliveries and then wait around.

While van rental of the Citroen Berlingo is popular for transporting goods however, a number of domestic tourists also arrange van hire of this vehicle for days out to the coast as it is able to fit in large groups as well as pets or items such as surf boards and bikes.

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