Perishable food and products are best transported with a refrigerated van. Several UK companies offer refrigerated van hire. A van with a state-of-the-art cooling system ensures that your produce arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was when it was loaded.

There are refrigerated van rental companies in a number of UK towns and cities. If your nearest van supplier’s depot is awkward to get to, take advantage of the delivery and collection service offered by most of the suppliers. Delivery charges apply. Suppliers of these vehicles can be located in the Yellow Pages or on the internet. Internet brokers are a useful tool for locating your regional supplier.

Refrigerated van rentals can be taken on a short hire. Customers with a long term requirement for this kind of vehicle can rent on a money-saving long term lease. Before a customer takes possession of their refrigerated van hire it is overhauled and meticulously cleaned.

Due to the necessity of reliability, almost all van rentals with a refrigerating system are late model vehicles. Leading refrigerated van hire suppliers, such as Rochdale based Cool Running Rental, have an ongoing contract with cooling system engineering firms. The engineers are on call seven days a week.

Vehicles are offered in different sizes. The biggest refrigerated van hire is a 7.5 tonne truck conversion. The smallest is a cargo van model. The vehicles are fitted with top-of-the-range chillers and freezers, which keep products at constant pre-set temperatures of between -25˚C and 8˚C. All refrigerated van rentals come with a stand-by cooler.

Businesses requiring a long term lease on refrigerated van rental are provided with the opportunity of a custom built model. These are designed with what the customer needs to transport in mind. Vegetables, meats, fresh farm produce and cooked items all keep fresh better with refrigerated van rentals.

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