A one way van rental is a convenient option for people with large items or household contents that only need to go in one direction. Many of the leading national vehicle rental suppliers in the UK offer this service to their customers.

A one way van hire is perfect for somebody moving the contents of their house, office or workshop from, say, York to Exeter. One way van rentals cut out the time and expense of the return journey with a quick trip to their hire company’s local branch at the destination location. Some companies even provide a driver to pick the vehicle up at the customer’s location.

One way van hire can be booked over the internet or by telephone, directly from the company. The service is offered all over the UK, in cities such as Nottingham, Belfast, Cardiff and Exeter. Companies also offer one way van rentals from airports such as Humberside and London Gatwick.

Customers arriving by train at stations including St Pancras and Waterloo in London can pick up one way van hire as soon as they arrive. One way van rentals are offered in sizes which range down from the bigger Luton bodies to a small hatchback combo vehicle, and can be used for delivering all kinds of articles.

The small vans are usually capable of holding around 3.2m³ of goods fully loaded, while the larger vans can hold up to 20m³. The latter are quite high and roomy, and objects over two metres high can be stacked upright easily. The Luton box vans come with an optional tail-gate lifting device.

Most of the hire companies provide comprehensive accident and breakdown insurance. A mid-week or pre-booked one way van hire usually garners a saving on the walk-in price at the company’s depot. Likewise, long term one way van rentals often work out cheaper.

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