Moving house van hire is on offer from some of the UK’s leading vehicle rental companies. A self drive moving house van rental ensures that your treasured possessions arrive at their destination intact. Moving house using a self drive vehicle takes the pressure off getting the job done.

Some of the bigger Luton model moving house van rentals are capable of holding over 19.5m³ of household belongings. Easyvan, for example, offers one of these models with height room of 220cms which will allow wardrobes and other tall items to be stacked upright. Most of the Luton vans are fitted with a hydraulic tail-gate for easy lifting.

Moving house van rentals are provided by companies such as Thrifty and Europcar 4 vans from myriad destinations throughout the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Van rentals can be picked up from service depots and offices, or delivered to clients’ houses.

Some suppliers even maintain moving house van hire desks in UK airports such as London Stansted and Edinburgh Turnhouse Airport as well as at railway stations that include York, Inverness and the principal London train termini. Many of the companies provide a one-way option, whereby the renter returns the vehicle to a destination other than the initial vehicle collection point.

Moving the contents of a semi-detached house will require a whole day’s moving house van rental, but customers with fewer objects and possessions to transport can hire by the hour. Europcar 4 Vans is one of the firms that rent vehicles on an hourly basis. This option is good for rentals of less than eight hours. After this period has elapsed it is cheaper by the day.

People thinking of doing a DIY house removal can book moving house van hire on the internet, by telephone or in person at their local vehicle supplier’s office. With a little research customers will be able to save a little money and gain a modicum of convenience.

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