People wishing to transport bulky items would do well to check out the range of flatbed van rentals that are available nowadays. Reputable local as well as leading national companies offer flatbed van hire in all quarters of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Flatbed van rental vehicles are usually a 3.5 tonne rated vehicle, which can be driven with a normal UK driving licence. A well as the standard option, flatbed van rentals are available with dropsides, hydraulic tailgates, tow bars, tachographs and extended cabs. For clients transporting loads that need to be tipped there is even a tipper version.

The 3.5 tonne flatbed vans usually have a load space of 4.0m long by 1.8m wide. The sides are up to 0.5m high. Vehicles can hold a payload of 1,750kgs. Many of the smaller hire companies will custom build a vehicle to a customer’s specifications for long term hires.

Drivers who took their UK driving test pre-1997, or who have heavy goods vehicle LGV C1 permits, can take out a 7.5 tonne flatbed van rental. These larger models can haul 3,500kgs and have a bed around six metres long.

Flatbed van rentals provide the perfect option for collecting and delivering items that are heavy, high or unaffected by adverse weather. The tipper option is a good selection for users hauling sand, gravel, ballast or bulky sacks. The cabs of flatbed vans are fitted with state-of-the-art options for driver convenience and comfort.

Flatbed van hire is available both long and short term. Customers requiring a vehicle for a one off short distance task would be best served finding a hire company that rents on an hourly basis. Rentals of up to 12 months are not uncommon, and are the optimum choice for long term use without the hassle of upkeep and purchase.

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