For businesses with a transport requirement commercial van hire is the most viable choice. Long term or short term commercial van rental is much less trouble than buying and paying for a company van. Van hire is also less of a commitment than a vehicle lease.

Both local and countrywide UK vehicle rental suppliers are able to supply any kind or size of commercial van. Van rentals are available in periods of up to one year. The longer the rental length, the cheaper it tends to be. Commercial van rentals are suitable for transporting all manner of goods, furniture and storage containers.

Vans that can be driven with a normal UK driving license, issued post-1997, are in sizes between an estate car size panel van up to a box van. The latter have a storage length of four metres. The smaller vehicles are great for courier style deliveries and are as easy to park as the family saloon.

Bigger 7.5 tonne commercial van rentals can only be hired by drivers with a pre-1997 licence or a heavy goods vehicle certificate. Vehicles come with power steering and an optional Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. The level of accident and breakdown cover is dependant on the hire company.

Commercial van hire is available through internet agent sites, hire firm web sites or call centres, and at suppliers’ service depots. Vans can be rented through local companies. A quick look through Yellow Pages will turn up diverse regional suppliers.

Businesses requiring a specific van, such as ones fitted with tow-bars or refrigeration units and compartments, will probably find a wider choice on the internet. Most of the specialised rental companies will deliver a commercial van hire to your business premises for an insignificant extra fee. A commercial vehicle is a versatile asset suitable for all logistics tasks.

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