Driving a cheap van hire vehicle is the optimum way of transporting house, office or workshop contents. This budget choice provides a way of doing the job at your own pace and in your own time, without having to worry whether your goods and furniture haulage driver are going to turn up, or add on a little surcharge.

Reputable hire companies offer a variety of cheap van rental models and sizes from innumerable service depots dotted throughout the UK. Vehicles include long and short wheelbases, compact cargo vans, box vans with six metre long storage spaces, refrigerated vans and passenger vans.

Most larger cheap van rentals nowadays come with power steering as standard. Optional extras provided by hire companies are Global Positioning System (GPS) units, tow bars, hydraulic tail lifts and comprehensive insurance with no accident surcharge. Rental periods can be one hour or one year. The longer the hire period the more economical the rate tends to be.

A number of companies such as Easyjet’s van hire subsidiary, Easyvan, have made a name for themselves by offering cheap van hire at rock bottom prices, while still maintaining an up-to-date fleet and giving premium service. Savings on van and truck rental can always be made with mid-week or longer period rentals.

Whatever your transport need or budget a UK company will be able to supply a cheap van rental to fill it. A van is a more flexible tool than a car. The load capacity is far superior. The bigger Luton bodied vans will hold 20m³ of packed goods. The furniture and contents of a small house will load comfortably in the back of a Luton van.

People wishing to find cheap van rentals will find myriad choices online or in the Yellow Pages. Service is provided by both local and well known van rental suppliers. Vehicles can be collected at clients’ premises or suppliers’ depots. Time saving options are train station or airport pick ups.

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