Wareham is one of the smallest towns of England, which is considered a significant settlements of times for their strategic setting. The town is located in the Purbeck District in the South West region of England. It falls under the Dorset County of the United Kingdom. It lies 10 miles way from the English Channel and has a population of around six thousand inhabitants. The town shows significant existence of Georgian architecture throughout the town and Wareham Town museum, Purbeck Hills, Corfe Castle, Godlingstone Health Nature Reserve, Wareham forest, Wytch Oil Fields,
The Anglo Saxon church and the Frome estuary are notable landmarks in and around this small town. The town relies on the market trade observed almost every day. Being close to the English Channel, the town observed growth in trade and harbour industry reasonably in the recent years. This town is not a tourist destination but considered a market trade centre for the nearby villages and towns.
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