Walthamstow, also formerly nicknamed as “the place of welcome”, is a town in North East London, located about 10.3 km northeast of Charring Cross in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. At the north it is bordered by Chingford, South by Lyton and Leytonstone, East by Epping Forest at Wood Ford and West by Tottenham. It is a town with a very long history, once known as rural village, until the early 19th century.
Perhaps people can recognize it for being associated with some famous people including writer, poet, designer and socialist William Morris and Fredrick Bremer who built the first Motor car (petrol driven) in London between 1892 and 1894. There are many van rental companies in Walthamstow. The big giants in the car and van rental business also have their operations there. The competition for van rental services is very stiff, and this has ensured that cheap van hire companies work their best to satisfy clients.
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