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The smallest city of Scotland, Stirling is an ancient town with castles, bridges and churches of historic importance. This settlement was made strategically to utilize... read more

KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, a busy burgh of Scotland, relies on textile industries and heavy engineering. The engineering industries in the burgh produce locomotives, valves and other... read more

INVERNESS Lying near the site of the 18th century Battle of Culloden, the city of Inverness, in northern Scotland, is known for its quality of... read more

GLASGOW Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow is the third most populous city in the United Kingdom and is the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow... read more

EDINBURGH Fondly referred as Edina by several poets, the city of Edinburgh is the second largest Scottish city after Glasgow. Edinburgh is the capital of... read more

DUMFRIES Built over the beauty of the river Nith, the city of Dumfries in the Southern Uplands of Scotland is truly a sight of natural... read more

Carlisle The city of Carlisle is found in the county of Cumbria, which is located in the northwestern part of England. It is the administrative... read more

Reaching Scotland when you are planning to move to this beautiful country is easily done through the Inverness airport. In this airport, you will be... read more