The smallest city of Scotland, Stirling is an ancient town with castles, bridges and churches of historic importance. This settlement was made strategically to utilize the agriculturally productive fertile lands which lies in midst of hills and rivers. Stirling, a Scottish Town, has a local population of around fifty thousand inhabitants. The town relies on the agriculture farms, transportation and communication industries and a few chain stores.
In-town and Off-town developments are visible implying growth and rapid development in and around the city. New projects have been signed by many industries with huge investments. The Retail industry is also picking up pace to keep the goods flow steady and competitive. The city lies within the Stirling and Falkirk area of Stirling County. The city with numerous farmlands is alarmingly developed around it ancient fortress with significant civilization near the valleys of the river. Tourism industry has always been thriving in the town driving the economy with a boost.
The hills provide a natural shield against storms and cyclones while the river nourishes the water needs of the city. Many private van hire professionals take up van hire in Scotland and Stirling being the historic city of Scotland attracts tourists throughout the year driving the van hire firm businesses. Budget van rental companies’ offers coaches, trucks and minivans for business use and several rentals provide small and large vans at several escort locations in the city with a wide choice of luxurious and economical van rental options.