A warm and sunny city, Newport is known for its temperate climate in the United Kingdom as well as for the recent employment of its inhabitants called as Newportonians by the LG Group Giant, this opportunity and the gentle environment has caused many “city slickers” to look towards this town for a new opportunity of raising a family. The city has beautiful springs and summers. Newport built in midst of several hills and hillocks near the banks of the Usk River. This city, which lies in the southern region of Wales, falls under the Gwent County of Wales with a population of around 140 thousand inhabitants.

Newport relies on foundries, Coal and Iron industry, Trade, and commerce via sea. Engineering and steel industries have also been set up in the city. Newport is famous for the huge city bridge built over the River Usk, which flows through the city. The Westland Reserve, Riverfront Arts Centre, Monmouthshire canal, Marina and Stadiums are the notable sites of this city which enjoys a cool moderate climate with rainfall throughout the year.

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