Newark is located on the river Trent with river Devon running along the town, and originated from the Newark castle that is now ruined. Newark-on-Trent is shortened to Newark, referred like so by most of the locals, is situated in the east midlands of England; its main attraction is as a market town in Nottingham shire, nonetheless, there still is heavy business and commercial activity that increases constantly.

The population of Newark is 25,376 with Balderton to the south, and Farndon to the west and Winthorpe to the east with all these the population comprises to 35,674, clearly indicating that it is a good place to move and start a new life.

Newark’s pleasant environment includes good transport links to surrounding villages, the Newark north gate railway station and the east coast main line, which runs through Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Leeds and London, make of this small and friendly community a good alternative to a busy city life. The town is becoming a popular commuter town for people from the city of Nottingham and even from London. Newark is famous for its Newark ruby union football club.

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