Milton Keynes is one of the towns of Buckinghamshire in England. It is a very large town and it has derived its name from the village Milton Keynes. It is a very well planned town and it has grid roads, parks and lakes. The major roads, which are referred to as grid roads run between the communities, than running through them. The space between the grids roads are called as grid squares. There is a large open air theatre called the National Bowl which can house about 65,000 and is used for concerts of large scale. There is also a Milton Keynes theatre, which was opened in the year 1999 and has a seating capacity of 1400 and was also known to be the most popular theatre of Britain due to the high rate of booking. This theatre had a very unusual feature wherein the ceiling could be lowered resulting in the closure of the third gallery and created a very intimate space for small-scale productions.

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