Famous for the Jephson Gardens, River Leam Parade, and its Georgian and Victorian architecture, the town of Leamington Spa split north and south by the river is located in the county of Warwickshire of England. It is a population of around 55 thousand inhabitants being the third largest town in Warwickshire. The main suburbs of the town are Lillington and Sydenham and this town merges with Whitnash. The town relies on the light industry, video game firms and was once the world’s largest car parts manufacturer.

Leamington SPA is filled with a variety of shops down the streets with a busy town centre. With an oceanic climate, the grand union canal that runs through the town, the gardens and the river add natural scenic beauty to the town, which is one of the most modern towns in the country of England. This town is pretty near the M40 motorway that links London and Birmingham. Each year more and more people consider Leamington SPA as their choice for a new place of residence.

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