Kilmarnock, a busy burgh of Scotland, relies on textile industries and heavy engineering. The engineering industries in the burgh produce locomotives, valves and other heavy engineering products. With one of the earliest railways in the world, Kilmarnock falls under the Ayrshire County in the Scotland constituency of The United Kingdom.

The burgh is located in the eastern region of the county and has a population of around forty five thousand inhabitants. Parks like Dean Park and Kay Park; monuments like the war memorial, Dean castle, Dean Ford, Viaduct, Hotels like Kings Hotel, George Hotel are the famous tourist sites in the burgh. The burgh being the second largest town has a well-organized education and administration system. With so many tourist sites in this small town of Scotland, the tourism industry in the locality is flourishing every year.

The Dean Castle is a splendid site to see the exquisite architecture and the war memorial signifies the condolence paid to those brave soldiers of Scotland. The town’s inhabitants are employed in the engineering or textile industry or in the nearby county industries. The cheap van hire companies are open round the clock to serve the tourists with the best self-drive they can have around the town or county. Van hire is a cheap and effective way to move house in the UK.