The town of Colchester is one of the largest settlements in and around the area of the borough of the same name, found in the county of Essex, in the country of England. This town is a small, rather rustic town that is known for its calm and peaceful farmhouses that provide much relaxation for someone who wants to get away from the hubbub of urban life. It plays home to more a hundred thousand people and is the oldest town in the whole country, which means it also has one the best Cheap Van Hire and Van Rental services. The excellent Van Hire record of this town is augmented by the fact that it also has the oldest market in the country. The town is located at a point that is close to fifty-six kilometres in a direction that is northeast to the city of London, the capital of the country. It lies on the A12 highway and hence plays host to many a decentvan hire companies. The town of Colchester is home a number of different museums. A museum called the Castle museum is found in the castle of the city Castle, and other places of interest in the region include a Museum of Natural History and a Social History Museum. If you are looking to move house to Colchester there are many van hire services available to you.