Aylesbury, London

Aylesbury is town in Buckinghamshire located in southeast England. The town is famous for having the burial place of Saint Osyth, whose shrine does attract many pilgrims to the town. The town has a lot of historical relevance as it was a prominent place where the parliamentarian forces had a lot of hold during the English Civil War. The town also has a mansion that was the residence of Louis XVIII during his exile years from the throne. The town has been host to major real estate development since 1960s and has been seen as an alternate solution to decrease the population pressure from the capital city.

The town is host to a number of historical museums and art galleries, which throw a light on the cultural heritage of the town. Notable places to visit in Aylesbury are the Buchinghamshire County Museum, King’s Head Inn, the County Gaol etc. all these monuments and building that are rich on cultural heritage attract a lot of tourist who visit the town mainly for leisure purposes in large numbers or groups.

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