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Swansea is a beautiful city with a peninsula boundary bordered by the sea on 3 sides and the soil is fertile owing to two large... read more

A warm and sunny city, Newport is known for its temperate climate in the United Kingdom as well as for the recent employment of its... read more

Colwyn Bay Colwyn bay, which falls under the Clwyd county of Wales, is situated in the north region of Wales with the most astonishing beaches... read more

CARDIFF Cardiff is an historic county, which is the largest city of Wales lying in its southern region. It is the most populous city and... read more

The smallest city of Scotland, Stirling is an ancient town with castles, bridges and churches of historic importance. This settlement was made strategically to utilize... read more

KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock, a busy burgh of Scotland, relies on textile industries and heavy engineering. The engineering industries in the burgh produce locomotives, valves and other... read more

INVERNESS Lying near the site of the 18th century Battle of Culloden, the city of Inverness, in northern Scotland, is known for its quality of... read more

GLASGOW Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow is the third most populous city in the United Kingdom and is the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow... read more

EDINBURGH Fondly referred as Edina by several poets, the city of Edinburgh is the second largest Scottish city after Glasgow. Edinburgh is the capital of... read more

DUMFRIES Built over the beauty of the river Nith, the city of Dumfries in the Southern Uplands of Scotland is truly a sight of natural... read more

ABERDEEN What more do you want when a city is so full of friendly people, with several exciting places to visit, having superb dining restaurants.... read more

BELFAST Belfast the capital city of Northern Ireland, is a centre for business, industry, arts and a perfect place for higher studies. There has been... read more

WEMBLEY It is an area situated at the North-West London of UK. Wembley was formally part of the County of Middlesex and is now the... read more

Walthamstow, also formerly nicknamed as “the place of welcome”, is a town in North East London, located about 10.3 km northeast of Charring Cross in... read more

Palmers Green is located about 12.2 km north of Charring Cross in the London Borough of Enfield. The largest population of Cypriots in the outside... read more

Kings Cross is an area that is located partly in the London Borough of Camden and in the London Borough of Islington. The area was... read more

Illford Illford is a district located 14.6 Km northeast of Charring Cross, and is part of the London borough of Barnet. This is actually the... read more

Edgware Edgware is actually known by many as a shopping and residential area that is located some 9.7 miles North-west of Charring Cross, on the... read more

Croydon In South London, lies a large town and commercial centre called Croydon. Croydon is located between London and England’s south coast and is actually... read more

Bow Bow is an area located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which is in East London. It is a residential area associated with... read more

York is a walled city that is located at the confluence of River Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England. The town has a long... read more

Yeovil is a town in south Somerset. England. This city is known to have Paleolithic remains. This city is named after the river Yeo. This... read more

Worthing is a large seaside town in West Sussex, England. The area around Worthing is known to contain Britain’s greatest concentration of Stone Age flint... read more

Worcester is a well known city in the West midlands of England. This city is mainly famous for many sites where two important battles were... read more

Woking is a large town that is located southwest of Charing Cross in central London. This town is very famous since it was a place... read more

WILLENHALL Willenhall, a Black country in England, is historically famous for the manufacture of lock and keys. Several places like Coventry cathedral, Coombey Abbey Country... read more

WEYMOUTH Tourism industry driven economy and relatively with the largest fishing industry, Weymouth is one of the fastest growing towns of England. It is located... read more

Warrington is one of the largest town located Cheshire, England. The city is located on the banks of the river Mersey that plays a very... read more

Wareham is one of the smallest towns of England, which is considered a significant settlements of times for their strategic setting. The town is located... read more

Waltham Cross New Ford Road is located in Hertfordshire, which lies north of Greater London. The county is a non-metropolitan county with a population of... read more

Wakefield is one of the populated cities in the United Kingdom. It is situated in the along the river Calder. It is one of the... read more

Uttoxeter is small town which relies on market trade, milk products, resorts, construction industry and agricultural. The economy is driven by agriculture and dairy sector.... read more

Tyne and Wear is one of the populous counties of England and it lies in the North Eastern region of England. This county is a... read more

Tonbridge lies in the southeast region of England Constituency and falls under the Kent County. The town relies on the market trade, Shopping chain stores,... read more

Tewkesbury inhabitants celebrate a lot of festivals and carnivals throughout the year signifying culture and unity among them. This town falls under the southwest region... read more

Telford does not have any tradition or long cultural back. Yet it is a fresh town in the borough of Telford and Wrekin, of England.... read more

Taunton is a country town that is located in England. The name of the town is derived from,” town on river tone”- Taunton. Taunton represents... read more

Swindon is a large town that is located in the south west of England. Only after the town development act of 1952, Swindon started to... read more

Stoke-on-Trent is located in Staffordshire, England. Stoke-on Trent is not a single city; it is a combination of six small cities or villages grouped together.... read more

Stockton on tees is a place located in the north east of England. This place has a legendary history, which dates back to the early... read more

Stockport is a well-known place in England best known for its commercial importance. It is located in great Manchester south east from the city of... read more

Stevenage is a town and a district located in Hertfordshire, England. It is in the east of the junctions of 7 and 8 of the... read more

Stafford lies in the north of the West Midlands and is a country town of Staffordshire in England. It has a long history of shoe... read more

Spalding is a township located in the district of Lincolnshire South Holland of England. It is primarily a market town with a population of about... read more

In the south coast of England lies Southampton, a major port and a wonderful place to settle down and create a life for you and... read more

The town of Snodland is located in Kent, England. The River Medway flows near Snodland and there is an interesting story of how the first... read more

Slough can be found some 35 km west of central London, home to many Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and people of Polish origin, it certainly is... read more

Open your window and look down the countryside or into the city square. The house along with many others is built on a sloping hillside... read more

People have been living in the area now called Sheffield since the Ice Ages, the natives of today’s Sheffield are descendents of Anglo-Saxons and have... read more

The Industrial Garden Town of North Lincolnshire, England or Scunthorpe, as we know it today, is a fusion of five villages, and constitutes a nice... read more