Easyvan is the van hire arm of the Stelios empire. Easyvan operates on the same principle as Easyjet and Easycar, which is to give top quality service at the lowest possible price. The company provides a full range of Easyvan van rentals at over 160 depots dotted throughout the UK.

Vans which range from a Ford Connect or similar model right through to the biggest Luton van rentals are available. The smaller Easyvan van rentals are useful for carrying household items that will not fit in a car boot, or for business courier services, and have a 2.8m³ capacity.

An Easyvan van hire Luton vehicle can carry objects up to 220cms in height; meaning a wardrobe will fit the right way up and hold a payload of nearly 20m³. With an Easyvan van hire depot in places as far apart as Inverness, Belfast, Truro and Folkestone there is sure to be one near you.

Easyvan van hire service counters are located in airports that include Glasgow and London Stansted as well as Victoria Railway Station in London. Some of the Easyvan van hire depots work on a pay on arrival principle while most of the others offer pre-booking on the internet or by telephone.

Whether you are moving house or working away from home an Easyvan van rental is the most convenient means of transporting you and your possessions to where they need to go. Various discount voucher firms offer promotional codes and discount vouchers which can be offset against the price of an Easyvan van rental.

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